About us

When the BerlinCon was initiated in 2015, many of us attended as visitors or helpers. In the following years we became permanent members of the BerlinCon helper team. We were involved in lending games, at the merchandise booth, the wheel of fortune, at the board game tournament (which was still taking place at the beginning) and at admittance. The game library, which is the heart of BerlinCon, was particularly important to us. Last year we came up with the idea of ​​taking over the BerlinCon library as an association in order to make processes more efficient and to better tailor the range of games for the visitors. After consultation with Hunter and Alex, we received the green light for this.


Our inaugural meeting took place on March 15, 2022 on Fehmarn as part of an intensive gaming week. It was an all-round successful week in a beautiful setting and with a spectacular view of the Fehmarnsund-Bridge. This view of the bridge in combination with the board games also inspired our club name: Blick aufs Brett.

Our founding members are: Alexander Rüst (chairman), Rolf Raupach (deputy chairman), Ralph Thumm (treasurer), Günter Kempen, Matthias Weibler, Michaela Blume and Steffi Hohenhaus.

Rita Modl, who unfortunately could not be there on Fehmarn due to a full schedule, is also a member of the association.

Klemens Franz designed our logo. At this point, many thanks again for this!

We would like to thank Hans im Glück Verlag for allowing us to use the Meeple, the gaming character created for the game Carcassonne.