Play Forward 2024

This year we were at Play Forward in Göttingen again. In the old cafeteria on Wilhelmsplatz, boardgames could be tried out and played over three days. With a wide selection of games from children’s games to expert games, we were there, helped to find the right game and explained some rules. We met a lot of nice people and als met a lot of old acquaintances. The Play Forward boardgame event was a complete success. On Sunday it was so crowded that the tables provided were no longer enough. Many thanks to Ben, Flo and Karl for the organization and the active support. And also many thanks to Arne from Spieleburg for providing some of the latest games. We had a lot of fun and are looking forward to next year!

Boardgame Cruise

Surrounded by the impressive backdrop of the ocean, Matthias and Alex experienced an unforgettable adventure on the boardgame cruise to Iceland with an extensive selection of boardgames.

The variety of games brought not only provided variety, but also exciting moments and intense game experiences. Regardless of wether strategic thinking was required of fun was the priority, the selction of games had something to offer for every taste.

The impressive panorama of the open sea formes the breathtaking backdrop for numerous rounds of fun. But it wasn’t just the games, but also the people playing that made this trip unforgettable.

Matthias and Alex returned from the Cruise with lots of great impressions and unforgettable experiences. The combination of challebging games, the fascinating environment and the players made this trip an absolute highlight.

 On January 19th Alex and Rolf will start new adventures with the boardgame cruise towards Helsinki. Once agein there is an impressive selection of games:

Spiel Essen 2023

This year Spiel Essen celebrated its 40th birthday, and it was also the first year under the direction of Carol Rapp. An interesting change this year was the new hall concept, wich ensured a better distribution of the over 190,000 visitors.

We took over the stand management at the Hunter & Friends stand, where there were backpacks, games, boardgame accessories and a small competition.

The fair is a highlight in the calendar of all boardgame enthusiasts. It’s not only the place to discover the latest games, but also an opportunity to meet like-minded people and have fun.

Planet Unknown emerged as the winner at the German Games Award. Congratulation to the authors Ryan Lambert and Adam Rehberg and Strohmann Games!

Der Brettspiel-Podcast

Three of our members got together and started a podcast. With this new podcast they want to offer you well-founded reviews, exciting discussions with guests from the scene and exciting insights into the latest Boardgame highlights.

There will also be information about trends and developments in the boardgame world.

(The podcast is in german of course)